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I want an introduction with the theme of promoting the characteristics of my hometown, Huangshi, Hubei, through my souvenirs design. Therefore, I chose two different places to show. One is a famous place in Huangshi, Xiandao Lake. Another design is Huangshi's favorite specialty food. Beautiful scenes and delicious food will attract tourists' attention and love. I made different bags, postcards, cups, etc. I also designed a set of fonts that align with Chinese style, adding grandeur to the scenery.

Xiandao Lake

塑料包 2.jpg

The water waves in the picture exude a beautiful color, and the scenery on the mountain is bright and clean, with a clear blue sky. At this beautiful moment, one person and one crane set sail in a small boat, leisurely enjoying the natural scenery of Xiandao Lake, as happy as a fairy.
To highlight the indescribable fairyland of Xiandao Lake, I added the factor of the dragon because dragons can swim in the water like fish and fly in the sky like birds, which is very mysterious and powerful. Only a magnificent thousand-island landscape like Xiandao Lake can be longed for by dragons. It is far from the city, with a vast expanse of blue waves inside the lake and Xiandao in the water, making it a rare paradise.

未命名作品 266_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Because the Year of the Dragon is approaching in 2024, I designed a cartoon image of Little Dragon as the cultural and creative IP image. Chinese people love dragons and are proud to be descendants and descendants of dragons. This design is in the same color scheme as the dragon element in my previous theme design. The same cartoon character, Bruce Lee, holds cartoon Chinese liquor and Huangshigang pancakes in different postures, revealing intoxicated and fond expressions. Highlighting the Huangshi specialty is very popular and irresistible.

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