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Caramel Pie

I plan to choose a dessert series and set the brand name as Caramel Pie, which sounds cute and delicious! My initial plan is to design packaging designs for five products: ice cream,yogurt, cookies, coffee and pie. I hope the final packaging design effect is sweet, comfortable, harmonious, and impressive. My target audience is people who love dessert or customers who like cute patterns and can be attracted by Caramel Pie's packaging.

SAV_202130_lllu749_ShellySun_A1_Visual Component_Mockup1.jpg
SAV_202130_lllu749_ShellySun_A1_Visual Component_Mockup3.jpg
SAV_202130_lllu749_ShellySun_A1_Visual Component_Mockup2.jpg
SAV_202130_lllu749_ShellySun_A1_Visual Component_Mockup4.jpg
截屏2023-05-22 下午4.49.56.png
plastic-yogurt-cup-03.psd 1.jpg
plastic-yogurt-cup-03.psd 2.jpg
SAV_202130_lllu749_ShellySun_A4_Visual Component_Final3.jpg
SAV_202130_lllu749_ShellySun_A4_Visual Component_Final1.jpg
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