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Stonyfield Milk

Here is an illustration advertising design for children designed by me for Stonyfield. I put it on the banner and the canvas bag to increase the distance between this product and our target audience so that children and their parents can better understand and feel the natural and fresh characteristics of Stonyfield brand milk. I hope the audience will feel the atmosphere surrounded by happiness when they see my design.

未命名作品 207.png

I have designed several cows with different postures and expressions by converting objects into illustrations. I get closer to the children by integrating design and cartoons. My cow's characters are different; they have straightforward, happy, intelligent, and brave. In my heart, children are always sweet and specific people with different personalities. Cows surround this product not only to highlight the audience's attention to this product but also to show a happy mood. My background is green grassland and blue sky, which is to set off the nature and freshness of the product.

未命名作品 184.jpg

Banner Design

Here is my banner design. I make it easy to understand, so my slogan highlights two words, tasty and healthy. It is not only this product feature but also easy for children and parents to see these two words to deepen their impression.

3Free Ceiling Hanging Banner Poster Mockup PSD 2019.jpg
Kids Wall Art Mockup.jpg

Canvas bags

Here is my canvas bag design. There are five types, each of which is a different cow cartoon character and product I designed. Consumers can get this canvas bag for free when they buy a certain amount of Stonyfield milk. In this way, children and parents will feel happy. Usually, canvas bags are also convenient for  shopping. The patterns can also play a promotional role when they carry them out on the street.

Small Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.jpg
7Small Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.jpg
6Small Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.jpg
4Small Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.jpg
5Small Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.jpg
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