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Be Cool Be Cute

I designed the canvas bags of be cool be cute series for LGBT. I chose the panda as the mascot for the design because the panda is adorable, brave, optimistic, and enthusiastic. I hope people will be as happy and happy as this panda when they see my design. The name of this brand is cool be cute. Cute and cool can be owned at the same time. People are brave and brave to pursue what they like. No matter what gender you like or what kind of person you want to become, there is no conflict, and it is worthy of respect.


My logo design inspiration comes from the color design of the LGBT flag, and I combine these colors. Each letter is very close and brave, representing this force's unity. The notes O and T in the middle combine to form a complete person, free from any constraints, and be themselves.

cute cool_edited.jpg


Highlight the power of a group, all relationships are interconnected.


Here is a series of brochures I designed for this series of bags. Each page has different colors. The primary color of my panda design is consistent with my logo theme color. Pandas with cloaks symbolize courage and strength. Pandas with bamboo represent integration and communication. The color of bamboo leaves is different.

mock up 5.jpg
mock up 04.jpg
mock up 8.jpg
mock up 3.jpg

Here are the physical canvas bags series I designed.

There are five types in total.

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