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About Chewy

Here is my Christmas advertisement for the cat section of Chewy website. I want to show the cat also want a happy Christmas time.All the illustrations are based on my friend's cat and my cat. I want to express a lively, happy, and warm holiday atmosphere. I also designed a series of cards and packaging boxes for Chewy with the theme of cats. 


To set off the atmosphere of Christmas, the Christmas decorations of cats and cats in my illustrations are indispensable, and there are also some matching Christmas toys. My theme is brownish red because Christmas is lively and warm in my heart. Every action I design for cats is purposeful because I will draw closer the two cats with a better relationship. I also want to express my theme for the chewy cat plate. Al cats has a happy Christmas time.

未命名作品 148.jpg

I divided my design into two different illustration advertisements, which look more comfortable and attract customers' attention..

Illu727_Fall202220Illu727_XueSun_Advertising Project_mockup4.jpg
Illu727_Fall202220Illu727_XueSun_Advertising Project_mockup5.jpg
Illu727_Fall202220Illu727_XueSun_Advertising Project_mockup13.jpg
Illu727_Fall202220Illu727_XueSun_Advertising Project_mockup12.jpg
Illu727_Fall202220Illu727_XueSun_Advertising Project_mockup6.jpg

Note: This is a student work project, and the design, copy, and art is no way connected to produced by the brands mentioned.


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