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SHELLY'S PIZZA believes it will bring convenient, delicious, and professional pizza to every customer. All our food materials are fresh, so our customers can eat happily and buy safely. The most famous pizza in our brand is pepperoni, and many people come here to taste it. Our food trucks are all over the country; It's our customer’s good choice at any time. 


I made a pizza brand series named after my name, and the logo design was based on my baby cat. Because I love my cat, I love to eat pizza, so I design a logo as a chef cat holds with pizza. I chose handwriting font to make my brand more friendly and adjusted the development of each letter to make it more suitable.

Free Meal Punch Card

My design inspiration comes from the cheese and tomato so important in pizza; So I brought in the color of cheese and tomato as my dominant color, and I hope my customers will think of delicious pizza when they see my design. I hope my free meal punch card is as simple and lovely as possible, but all the essential information is on it, which can not only impress customers but also won't make them visual fatigue.

Trifold Brochure Mock-Up - by PuneDesign-恢复的.jpg


My menu design will be as neat as possible, with different sections. In this way, customers can quickly find the food they want when they are hungry. At the same time, I also designed some cute illustrations on the menu accompanied by a text introduction to let customers know more about our fresh ingredients. All the pizzas are handmade.

1Trifold Brochure Mock-Up - by PuneDesign-恢复的.jpg
Free Flyer Mockup by Alvi Haque.jpg
Free Flyer Mockup by Alvi Haque2.jpg
2Vintage Vehicle PSD Mockup-恢复的.jpg

Food Truck

My food truck design includes a logo, brand elements, a basic menu, hours of operation, phone number, and web address, which is very convenient for customers to order when passing by. All the illustrations and logos are the corresponding series I designed for my theme.

截屏2023-03-12 下午2.46_edited.jpg
截屏2023-03-12 下午2.46_edited.jpg
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